My name is Nicholas Stanley. Since 1996, I have incurred the knowledge of building, redesigning and maintaining swimming pools and spas at domestic and corporate levels. At every step of my career, I showed innovative expertise that never questioned my talent in the swimming pool industry. My abilities even bestowed upon me with numerous promotions while working for top-level firms.

After racking up experience right from ground level, I established my own swimming pool building and remodeling company, by the name Pools Point, in Jan 2018. My wife and I selected this name, as we wanted to offer products and services to our clients that actually reflect their lifestyle and requirements.

Through this website, I want to share every possible information related to pools and pool equipment comprising of buying guides, reviews, testing tips, maintenance tips, etc. We want you to never compromise with the quality of your pool. That’s why our quality information about pools defines our standards, our success!

Whenever I worked with my associates, before my company, I used to notice that the pools developed for clients resembled preexisting models, which lacked innovation and creativity.

Moreover, I felt that other pool designers lacked connections with the customers. They barely explained anything about the pool design, its features and other aspects of importance. And, this eventually left an unhappy customer at times. All designers cared about was making money.

Then, a vision came to me – If I were a customer, I would definitely want to listen to the pool designer’s execution plan and learn what and how they will do it. I would not want to stay in a concealed state and be stated that “Let the Pros Handle this, Sir.”

That is not how things work for me. And, I believe that isn’t the case for you either.

Nobody wants to be played by vendors for thousands of dollars just to get a mediocre-looking product.

Just like you, I do not feel like hearing about exaggerated products and services from fake reviewing websites and testimonials. I can keep fuming about this but that will not solve your pool problems, will it?

For me, the product needs to be an outstanding piece of art. That is where my reviewing and buying guide website steps in to point you in the right direction.

I believe most customers are capable enough to understand a dubious claim or aboveground pool review nowadays. That’s why, our website’s feedbacks are never skeptical. We educate our readers after experiencing the pool and pool equipment firsthand.

Coming back to pools, not all customers are fully aware of the way the engineering of this amenity works. That’s why vendors exploit them.

I believe many customers are not even knowledgeable of the fact that there are different types of pools namely: fiberglass, vinyl, and concrete. That’s why we educate our customers and explain them everything before suggesting our customers about where to invest their hard-earned money.

I think customizing a pool requires first-hand knowledge of the place. That’s why we have set up this website where you can learn about pools, pool cleaners, vacuum pumps, maintenance kits, brushes, pool water testing, etc.

Sometimes customers judge the quality of a pool based on its price alone. I perceive it to be a false step as the quality of many pools is not even half the price they have been quoted. That’s why we break down all features of a pool and list it for you on our website every time we review it.

I also think that readers are sometimes too hesitant to ask too many questions regarding the pool. That’s why we created a platform where you can learn, ask, and polish your pool industry knowledge without any hesitation.

Thus, we can conclude that:

I did not build my pool and pool equipment-reviewing website to exploit another reader.

I respect my readers and believe in incorporating my honest reviews and knowledge in every reviewing project and buying guide with dedication.

I believe in righteousness and do not create false hopes for my readers. I offer them information about pool products after using them personally. I do not believe in misinforming my clients just to earn some extra cash.

I believe in reflecting to the queries of my customers so that I can guide them towards a great amenity at their residence or some other building.

Thus, this website has been created to deal with all the challenges customers and pool enthusiasts feel when purchasing a pool or related equipment. I want them to learnt through my experience and reviews about the right way to make choices when selecting the perfect aboveground pools, pool testing products, pool accessories, pool maintenance kits, pool heaters, and many other entities.

I hope my reviewing website can keep up with the standards quality reads that you are looking for!

Let’s dig in!