How to Instantly Patch Any Pool Liner

how to patch an above ground pool liner

Your swimming pool can encounter serious damage in case it is not addressed at the right time. In case the pool has a leak, the water present in it will be draining until it reaches the hole level. Here is a guide to patch the pool liner instantly:

Instantly stop leaks

You can avail the quick fixes in three different types which can be dry or underwater.

Waterproof tape

The waterproof tapes are an ideal choice for all types of quick repairs. It is the same as the duct tape but is found to be UV resistant, waterproof.

It is possible to overlap the tape for the creation of larger sections for the purpose of patching. It is durable, low cost and can be re-done at ease. It is an ideal choice for the small patch jobs as it has the tendency of peeling.

Peel-and-Stick Patches

It is easier as the waterproof tapes. However, it is comprised of real vinyl. It is an ideal choice for usage in the pools as well as on the inflatable pool products.

Few of these products, available in the market are known to be pre-cut in the neat and perfect circles. Owing to the round shape, peeling around the edges is less likely.

All you need to do is removing the paper backing and pressing the same over the leakage. They involve a reduced cut off from the pocket and are suitable for small tears and punctures.

Vinyl patch kit

In case you require sealing a hole of large size or you are looking for a fix for a longer duration of time, you can opt for the patch kits. They are inclusive of chunks of the liner of large size and specialized vinyl adhesive which works under the water.

Few of them are available with clear and blue vinyl. The patch kits for those soft-sided pools are inclusive of the piece of specially laminated PVC materials and thus you will be capable of patching the outer part of the walls of the pool in a proper manner.

Dry or water patch

In case the level of water in the swimming pool has dropped down to the wall leak level, you can choose to patch the same dry. You do not require draining the pool for the application of patch for the leak.

Tips for patching the pool liner underwater

If all the water, present in the above ground pools are drained out, the walls may collapse.

As you empty the pool with the vinyl liner, it will be drying out and the same will be exposed to the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun, thereby making it brittle. Hence, you should be patching the linter underwater, till the leak is exposed.

For patching the pool liner underwater, all you require are the scissors, weight, scouring pad which is nonabrasive, vinyl adhesive, swimming goggles, patching vinyl, craft stick or the dauber applicator.

Cleaning the area

In case sunscreen, algae, debris or any other things cling to the walls of the pool, patching becomes really challenging.

It is recommended to make use of the scouring pad which is non-abrasive for cleaning the vinyl, present around the hole in a gentle way. You should not be scrubbing, as it may make the hole larger in size.

Trimming the patch

In case you are not utilizing any peel and stick patches, you should be cutting the patching vinyl in the shape of a circle. You need to ensure that it is two inches larger in the diameter in comparison to the hole.

For instance, in case the rip is found to be three inches in length, you need to ensure that the patch has a diameter of five inches.

Application of adhesive

For the peel and stick patches, you should be removing the paper backing with an eye to exposing the adhesive side. And for other types of patches, you should ensure that it is devoid of debris.

Next, to this, you should make use of dauber for the application of adhesive in a generous amount. You should ensure that it reaches all edges.


You require folding the patch in the size of half in a similar way to the taco along with the sticky siding out after which it should be submerged.

Sticking it

You need to hold the patch on the hole, after which you require opening the patch taco in a gentle and slow manner after which it should be smoothened on the pool liner.

You require pressing out the air bubbles after which the patch needs to be held in place for the time session of two minutes. You should make sure to cure the adhesive for reaching the full strength.

Hence, you should be resisting the urge for tugging on the patch with an eye to checking it.

Application of weight

You need to put weight on a few patches for the time session of twenty-four hours. Application of weight on the wall of the pool is impossible.

However, in case the patch is present in the spot where it can be done, you require resting the head of the pool cleaner or clean brick which should be covered in the plastic wrap, present on the upper part of the patch.

Double Patching

As you place another patch above the first, you cannot make the fix strong. However, as you do it, you can allow the first patch in curing in a complete way prior to application of the second.

You should be cutting the second patch 2 inches large in diameter in comparison to the first patch. Thus, it will be adhering to the pool liner and after that, to the first patch.


Leaks can cause serious damage and thus you should never ignore it. Once detected, you can adhere to the above-mentioned steps for patching the pool liners. You should conduct a bucket test in order to ensure that a leakage has occurred in the swimming pool.

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