How Long Should I Run My Pool Pump Every Day?

how long to run a pool pump each day

Regardless of your location in the world, it is a prerequisite to maintain the swimming pool throughout the year.

Though you are not going to make use of the swimming pool during the winter season, it is necessary that the pumps should run on a daily basis for keeping the pool clean.

This is also indispensable for the prevention of build-up of algae which is challenging to move. The pool pumps have primarily two functions, the production of chlorine and the removal of debris and dirt.

Thus, it is vital to run the pumps for a longer duration of time for cleaning as well as chlorinating the whole swimming pool.

Few pumps are known for switching off in an automated manner once it reaches the optimal level of chlorine, whereas others are required to be set in a manual way.

The function of the pool pump

In case the water, present in the swimming pool is not moving, it is going to be a stagnant swamp, lead to the formation of algae and other types of stuff.

One of the most vital factors, in order to keep the pool swimmable and clean, is the circulation of the pool. The pool pump plays an indispensable role in the regard.

It contributes to being the primary component of the filtration system of the pool. The pool pump is known to pull the water of the swimming pool inside and push the same out via the filter.

Regardless of the type of filter, you are having, it is going to function only in case the water is moving through the same. In this way, the filters are capable of capturing the bacteria and debris.

For keeping the water, present in the swimming pool, clean and clean, it should run via the filter system, once on a daily basis. This is referred to as the turnover rate.

In case you are wondering for how long duration you need to keep the pool pump running, it is recommended to follow the below mentioned general guide:

The average time for pumping

Generally, you need to run the pool pumps for the time duration of eight hours daily during the summer season. On the other hand, during those winter days, you should be keeping the pool pump running for the time session of four hours each day.

However, you need to keep in mind that it is an average calculation and the situation may differ.

Time for running the pool pump calculator

The crucial factor which has an effect on the pump times refer to the volume of the swimming pool. Most of the backyard swimming pools are within the range of forty thousand to one lakh liters in volume.

As you are aware of the figure, it is possible to draw the comparison of the output of the pool pump for working out the least hours, required for running.

For instance, if the swimming pool has sixty thousand liters of water and it is running at the speed of two hundred liters each minute, you need to keep the pool pump running for the time duration of five hours.

Other factors that you should be considering

Apart from the size of the pool, there are a bunch of factors that determine the pumping requirements. You need to give consideration to the type and size of the pool pump.

You should also figure out if you have any pool cover. You also require checking out the total count of foliage that surrounds the swimming pool.

The pumping requirement is also dependent on if the swimming pool has exposure to the sun or if it is shaded. It is necessary to gain information about the local climate at the same time.

Along with this, the total count of people, using the pool and its frequency is another crucial parameter that you need to check out while running the swimming pool.

You also require considering if the users entering the swimming pool take a shower prior to making an entry into the swimming pool.

If the pool remains uncovered and it gets exposed to sunlight, debris, dirt, on an extensive scale, the pumping cycle every day is going to be longer as compared to the covered pool.

Selecting the right pump

Pool pumps, having a similar GPM is necessary for the swimming pool. You require finding a pool that has the same gallons per minute, as needed for the swimming pool.

In case you select the pool pump which is known to pump just a bit more than required, it is going to work. It ensures that the swimming pool runs at the appropriate rate for turning over the water of the swimming pool at the right time.

In order to reduce the utility bills, you need to give consideration to the time when you need to run the pump and the total count of time, for which the pool pump is running.

During those non-peak hours

The rate at which you pay your electricity bill keeps changing throughout the entire day.

It is dependent on the peak hours, which refer to the time when people make the wide usage of power and put a higher strain on the grid. The peak hours of using electricity are known to differ in each location.

For instance, during those summer days, peak hours are when people make the wide use of air conditioning systems, primarily during early evening, or late afternoon.

All you need to do is give a call to the electricity provider to gain information about the peak hours. As you are aware of it, you should try scheduling the run time of the pool pump for keeping the price really low.

You can make use of the programmable pool timer with an eye to turning the pool pump on and off during the right time.

Non-consecutive hours

You should ensure to keep the pool pump running for the time duration of eight hours on a daily basis for the completion of one turnover cycle at least.

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