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When you do something yourself it brings a certain joy and experience that you wouldn’t find if you hire someone else to do it. Sometimes you may just feel the urge to create, be it making an interior design in your home or repairing something in your house. Whatever it is, it’s always a good idea to try and do it yourself.

Not many people are enthusiastic when it comes to doing things themselves. This may be due to fear, laziness, or they may have an excuse that they are “too busy” to do whatever it is that may be at hand.

Every person has that creativity aspect in them but mostly people don’t really want to use it. DIY (Do It Yourself) is a great way to express and showcase your creativity and see what you can come up with. In fact even kids are always encouraged to do things themselves and get creative.

Doing it yourself not only helps you to create something but also widens your creativity and increases one’s confidence to handle most projects in life. This is a great factor to consider if you are someone who is somehow a bit reluctant when it comes to working on something by yourself.

Naturally, human beings were created with no limitations which means that there isn’t anything that is too hard to do. If someone can do it why can’t you? You might say “Oh well may be he/she is talented in that area”. But that’s the wrong kind of mindset.

Abilities can be worked on and through hard work and determination anything can be achieved. It’s all a matter of believing in you first and trying it out. Do most things yourself because you never know you might end up discovering things about yourself that you thought weren’t in you and they might change you for the better.

We are looking for some creative DIY Enthusiasts. If you think you can create a small project on DIY (Do It Yourself) then you have a great opportunity to land a scholarship.

If you have ever done small projects at home or in your dorm related to above ground pool, in-ground pool, pool cleaner, pool vacuum, Pool Ladders, pool cover, Pool Pumps, Ultra frame pools, pool care, floats for babies, floats for toddlers, floats for adults, or any other then you can share it with us.

We are looking for projects that are useful, easy to make and those that can be implemented at home at minimal costs. Through this you might be lucky to get a scholarship. Check out the information below about the scholarship.

diy scholarship poolspoint

Who is Eligible for Application?

  1. The Scholarship is available for Full time or Part time Undergraduate or Postgraduate students studying in colleges or university.
  2. International students are also welcome to apply for the scholarship.

How to Win the 750$ Scholarship

  • Write and submit a unique article that describes your small DIY project. The article should be within 1000-3000 words and the format to be submitted in should be word.docx/.doc file.
  • The article should include some images that relate to the topic that you have written. Include some amazing images or videos and the formats of the images should either be JPG, Mp4, Mov or PNG.
  • Include your personal information at the beginning of your article. Details to include are; your name, phone number, and address. You should also include your college name and your area of study.
  • After you have done all that you can finish the process by sending the file through your college or university email ID to scholarship@poolspoint.com
  • The submission deadline of the article is December 31st 2018.

Important Points to Highlight in the Article

You should make sure to highlight these important points in your article:

  1. Name of the project.
  2. What problem will it solve?
  3. Time needed to complete this project.
  4. Equipment needed; tools or materials to build this project.
  5. Step by step instructions if you feel to include any images or videos then you can add them.
  6. The cost to complete this project.
  7. What experience needed to complete this project?
  8. Benefits and usefulness of the project

How Will the Article be Judged?

Our team will decide the winner based on the following parameters;

  1. Article quality and length – 30 points
  2. Article supported by high-quality images or videos – 20 points

Important Notes

  1. Submission deadline of the article will be on 31st December 2018
  2. Winners will be declared here on this page on March 20th 2019
  3. Winners will be contacted via email and the award will be sent through cheque to financial aid department with the name of the winner.
  4. For any queries or assistance you can reach us through our contact page