Intex Ultra Frame Pool Review: Buyer’s Ultimate Guide

Intex Ultra Frame Pool

It can be a daunting task to select the most appropriate in-ground swimming pool type for your home premises. Then, there is also the problem of price.

You must agree that such pools are quite expensive to construct. After a hard day of digging the ground for the pool, you may realize the physical and financial efforts needed are bothersome.

However, you do have a choice of getting a pool in your backyard and that too at a convenient price. The Intex 28365EH Above Ground pool is an innovative invention that provides you with the same in-ground pool experience. Summers will not be a problem as long as you choose this cost-effective pool.

Let’s look into the Intex 28365EH Above Ground Pool review to understand the various attributes it possesses over other pools. This review will help you make up your mind to proceed with purchasing it or not.

Intex Ultra Frame Pool Review

  • Duel fitting outlet for enhanced water circulation and better hygiene.
  • Innovative aeration technology for sparkling and clear water.
  • Decent water capacity and depth for freedom of swimming.
  • 3-ply material with puncture-resistant properties.
  • Sturdy frame with impact-resistant attributes.
  • Volleyball set for recreational activities.
  • Detachable pool ladder
  • Drain outlet that can be conveniently attached to garden hosepipe.
  • Innovative Krystal Clear and saltwater pump systems with six unique functions.
  • Cleaning kit to take care of pool wall, floor, and surface debris


  • Needs to be installed on a flat and hard surface to avoid uneven displacement.
  • The pump system requires additional purchases (salt, silica sand, etc.) for operations.
  • Comes delivered in two separate boxes, so take note of all the parts.
  • Not suitable for small kids without parental monitoring.

State-of-the-art Frame Design:

The new ultra-frame design offered by Intex offers you a sturdy and durable pool frame that can withstand multiple pounds of force without any problems.

Easy Installation:

Despite the big size, the Intex 28365EH pool set does not take more than 60 minutes of your time to install it. It can be set up with the help of up to three people.

In addition, this pool set provides you with an Easy Lock mechanism that does not require the use of external tools to assemble the unit.

Ultra-Huge Size:

With a length of 24ft and a width of 12ft, this pool is ideal for at most two nuclear families. Furthermore, the 28365EH offers you a depth of 52 inches and a water capacity of 8403 gallons so that you can swim around the whole unit without hindrance.

Additional Ground Cloth:

The pool also accompanies a durable ground cloth that lets you protect the bottom of the pool conveniently. This cloth is 26 ½ft in length, so that it covers up the whole area of the pool without any difficulties for you.

Cleaning Kit:

Intex has committed towards providing you with a clean pool system in this unit. Thus, the pool incorporates a deluxe pool cleaning kit.

The tool kit has an ergonomic leaf rake that lets you clean the leaves present on the surface of the pool. It also comes with a deep and durable skimmer mesh net for you to take care of pool debris on the surface without any hassle.

In addition, the kit encompasses a brush that aids you in cleaning the grime and algae from the pool floor and walls. Lastly, the cleaning kit has a vacuum head to suck the debris laying on the pool floor.

Volleyball Set:

The Intex 28365EH above ground pool set has also given priority to your recreational activities by offering a pool volleyball set with it. This set includes the ball, net and two poles, which safely attach to the sides of the pool.

Debris Cover:

To protect the pool from falling debris, the 28365EH comes with an additional cloth for covering the pool from the top when not in use. There are also slots on its sides with rope to let you tie it easily from all sides and cover the pool from external pollutants.

Krystal Clear Filter and Saltwater Pump System:

This innovative pump, with tank diameter of 14 inches and motor power of 0.3hp, offers you six types of pump functions, namely – closing, draining, re-circulating, rinsing, back washing, and filtering.

In addition, the exquisite technology comes with automated cycle features that let you preset the cycle timer for 1-12 hours. This pump is capable of providing you with a flow rate of 1,600 GPH for the pump and 1,500 GPH for the system.

You will have to purchase silica, glass or salt separately for filtering operations. Also, a dual outlet system circulates water efficiently resulting in better hygienic pool conditions for you and your loved ones.

Hi – Impact Ladder:

The Intex 28365EH comes with a detachable slip-resistant ladder system that lets you and your family get in and out of the pool safely.

This ladder is built by steel, but it accompanies a corrosion-resistant layer to offer you a hygienic and durable pool ladder. In addition, it can endure an extra weight of up to 300 lbs.

Installation DVD:

To help you install the unit without any problems, the pool kit includes a DVD with clear instructions. The DVD also provides you with maintenance tips to keep the pool intact for a longer term.

Hydro Aeration Technology:

The Intex 28365EH comprises of their top-of-the-line aeration technology that improves the freshness in the pool for you through the transmission of negative ions in the pool water.

Its aeration mechanism enables the pool water to oxidize manganese and iron in the pool, which results in more pool water clarity for you.

Bottom Line:

The Intex 28365EH above ground pool set is the perfect pool kit for your hot summers. In addition, there are tons of reasons for choosing it over other pool sets in similar price range.

The most prominent is the huge size that gives you the freedom to not only swim, but also play with your loved ones using its volleyball set.

Intex has specially taken care of the hygienic properties of this pool kit, as it accompanies a deluxe pool-cleaning kit and an innovative multi-functional filter pump.

With additional features like the dual outlet suction system, you can be relaxed about the water hygiene as well.

If recreational activities and cleanliness is your main objective regarding pools, then the Intex 28365EH will suit your purpose without any problems.

It will require maintenance from time to time, but with so many add-ons accompanying it, you will not have issues in keeping it hygienic for your family members.

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