Best Pool Floats For Toddlers: Buyer’s Ultimate Guide

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As a parent, are you constantly worried whenever your toddlers go swimming?

Your answer is probably a deafening YES! And you should be. According to CDC, children aged 1-4 have the highest rate of drowning among any other demographics. Furthermore, most of these children drown in their home swimming pools.

Does this mean you should prevent your toddlers from swimming altogether?

NO! Learning how to swim is crucial for everyone. Not to mention it’s one of the most fun activities under the sun!

However, you can take precautions. The best method to make sure your kids remain above water is to use pool floats. There are a bunch of great pool floats for toddlers available in the market, and most of them are quite reasonable. Not only do they keep your kids safe, they are also extremely fun to play with.

Speedo Kids' Baby Cruiser
  • Speedo Kids' Baby Cruiser
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Waitiee Swimming Float
  • Waitiee Swimming Float
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Intex My Baby Float
  • Intex My Baby Float
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1. Speedo Kids' Begin to Swim Fabric Baby Cruiser

Are you worried about your kids soaking up too much sun while enjoying their pool day? UV rays can be quite damaging to the skin in the long run, and they can strip the skin of vital nutrients. This is especially true for babies. Of course, sun screen protection is a must, but it’s never enough. That’s why the Speedo Kids’ Begin to Swim Fabric Baby Cruiser with Canopy is our Editor’s Choice for the best pool floats for toddlers.

    The Speedo Kids’ Baby Cruiser might be slightly more expensive than the previous floats in this list, but it’s worth it. Its greatest feature is that it comes with an inflatable canopy that can provide the toddler with protection from the harmful UV rays.
    The Baby Cruiser is made with a soft fabric and is extremely comfortable, while also providing mobility. It comes with dual durable inflatable floatation chambers for added buoyancy, safety, and durability. Furthermore, you also get a carry bag with the float so that you can carry all the separate parts easily.
    The Speedo Kids' Begin to Swim Fabric Baby Cruiser with Canopy comes in one size only. As such, it’s only ideal for kids between the ages of 6 to 24 months, and weighing a maximum of 33 lbs.

Product Highlights

  • Detachable inflatable canopy.
  • Designed for beginner swimmers.
  • Soft fabric seat.
  • Dual inflatable floatation chambers.

The Good

The best aspect of the Speedo Kids' Begin to Swim Fabric Baby Cruiser is the inflatable Canopy! It’s large enough that it protects the toddler from sun completely. Not a single inch of the toddler’s skin will be in risk of sunburn. Furthermore, it can be easily inflated or deflated.

The Bad

While the Canopy is the best part about this pool float, it’s also the most annoying part of it. The Canopy is great for safety, but it keeps deflating quickly and doesn’t stay upright. As such, the parents would have a tough go of handling their toddler with one hand and keeping the canopy upright with the other. But it’s a small price to pay for the sun safety of your toddler, wouldn’t you agree?


  • Great introduction to water
  • Durable
  • Comfortable material
  • Protection from UV rays thanks to Canopy
  • Carry bag available
  • Holes for legs to go through


  • Arms can’t reach the water
  • Canopy doesn’t stay upright
  • Deflates easily

2. Waitiee Free Swimming Float

The Waitiee Free Swimming Baby Inflatable Swimming Float Ring is the best value pool float for toddlers because it’s extremely reasonable and has a number of cool features. The best aspect of this pool float is that it’s available in three sizes.

The Small size can be used by toddlers between 3 to 9 months old. The Large side can be used by toddlers between 6 to 30 months of age. And finally, the X-Large float can be used by toddlers between 2 to 6 years of age.

The variety of sizes ensures that you can use this product throughout your kid’s childhood!

    In addition to options regarding size, you also get options regarding color. The Waitiee Free Swimming Float is available in two attractive colors — Purple and Aquamarine. These colors look attractive and are great for home pools. However, you should be careful while using the Aquamarine in an open water source such as on the beaches. That’s because the aquamarine can very easily blend in with the color of the sea.
    In terms of comfort, the Waitiee Free Swimming Baby Inflatable Swimming Float Ring comes with an inflatable backrest and a seatbelt. As such, you can allow the toddler to recline without worrying about them tipping over. While the pool float has been designed for comfort, it also allows the toddler to kick and learn to swim.
    There’s enough space for the toddler to learn paddling, and they can even reach out and touch the water. The design makes it virtually impossible for the baby to flit it over. It also comes with a pump you can use to inflate the float without much effort.

Product Highlights

  • Comes in three sizes and can be used by toddlers between 3 months to 6 years of age.
  • Available in two colors — purple, and aquamarine.
  • Made of PVC material. The ink printing is non-toxic and the entire float is waterproof and durable.
  • Comfortable backrest available.
  • Seat belt provided for.
  • Double-decked air chamber for easy inflation and deflation.
  • Complementary pump provided.

The Good

One of the best aspects of this pool float for toddlers is how safe it is. We literally tried repeatedly to see if it would tip over. But it didn’t. Several Amazon reviewers agreed with this. Parents stated that they’ve never felt safer than with the Waitiee Free Swimming Float.

The Bad

This is not a big deal, because the seat belt has already been provided for. However, some parents suggested that a crotch strap would be a more comfortable means of ensuring the toddler’s safety and comfort.


  • 3 different sizes
  • Attractive
  • Extremely durable and secure
  • Comfortable with a backrest and straps
  • Complementary pump to inflate


  • Seat belt is non adjustable
  • No crotch straps
  • The color blends in with the surroundings

3. Intex 59574EP My Baby Float

The Intex My Baby Float is one of the best pool floats in the market. Not only is it aesthetic appeal, it’s also extremely reasonable. This is the perfect starter pool float for all toddlers. The float has been designed in a manner so as to enhance comfort and safety.

    The float features a large outer ring, followed by a smaller inner ring that can keep the toddler stable. The smaller ring comes with a backrest for the toddler to recline against. As a final frontier of comfort, the pool float also comes with smooth seat straps to enhance stability and provide floatation.

Furthermore, the bottom of the float is X-shaped, which serves several purposes:

  • It comfortably holds the baby in without fear of them falling over.
  • If you put the toddler’s legs through the front openings, they will lie back against the backrest. This is ideal for relaxation.
  • If you put the toddler’s legs through the back openings, they will lean forward. This position is ideal for toddlers learning to swim and paddle.

Product Highlights

  • 67cms in Diameter.
  • Comes with a pillow backrest.
  • Smooth seat straps available.
  • 2 air chambers provided for added safety.
  • A larger ring followed by a smaller ring inside.

The Good

We haven’t come across a pool float for toddlers that’s more comfortable than this, while also placing emphasis on safety.

The Bad

The manufacturer of the product has recommended that it’s meant for kids aged 0-6 years old. However, the pool float can only really be used by kids up to 2 years old, with a maximum weight of 33 lbs.


  • Aesthetically appealing
  • X-shaped seat
  • Backrest provided
  • Easy to inflate
  • Great reviews


  • Age recommendation is faulty. Only works for toddlers up to 2 years old

4. SwimWays Baby Tug Boat

The SwimWays Baby Tug Boat is one of the most fun-looking pool floats for toddlers. It’s designed like a toy car that floats on water, and has a little pinstripe umbrella over it to protect the baby from UV rays. As such, not only is it aesthetically charming, put it also offers great sun protection. The umbrella can be detached when needed, and the adjustable seat is extremely soft for heightened comfort.

    The Tug Boat also comes with various accessories and additions that make it one of the most fun pool floats in the market. A steering wheel is available which the baby can use to navigate in the water!
    Furthermore, bells are attached to the float so that it always produces a tinkling sound. As such, even if you look away for a few seconds, you can rest assured that you’ll know exactly where the baby and the float are.
    In addition to the wheel and the bells, the Tug Boat also comes with side pockets that can hold a water bottle for hydration, and some toys for added fun!
    The plastic seat is available in four adjustable positions so that it can be adjusted according to the child’s growth. It’s ideal for toddlers between 9 and 24 months of age.

Product Highlights

  • Baby Float comes with a detachable canopy.
  • Steering wheel that turns.
  • Bells on the sides of the boat.
  • Built-in juice and toy holders.
  • Durable and doesn’t need to be inflated.
  • Seat harnesses has four adjustable positions.

The Good

The best aspect of the SwimWays Baby Tug Boat is just how much fun it can be! Toddlers love the bright colors and the fact that it’s designed like a boat. Furthermore, several parents noted that the turning wheel gives it an added appeal and helps their toddlers learn paddling faster! Toddlers can also get bored or distracted easily, so there are lots of toys for them to play with.

The Bad

A lot of Amazon reviewers complained that the float came with missing parts. Either they didn’t get the complementary toys, or the overhead umbrella, or the wheel.


  • Detachable canopy
  • Lots of accessories available
  • Juice container
  • 4 adjustable positions on the seat
  • Leg holes at the bottom of the seat


  • Consumes a lot of space as it’s not inflatable
  • Expensive

5. Oima Baby Flamingo Inflatable Pool Float

    The Oima Baby Flamingo Inflatable Pool Float is an extremely charming and popular pool float for toddlers. It’s designed in the shape of a great pink Flamingo.
    There are leg openings in the center of the float so that the baby can push their legs through and paddle in the water. As such, it’s ideal for kids who want to learn swimming safely.
    A backrest is also provided so that the baby can recline and relax on the water. This baby pool float is ideal for kids between the ages of 8 months and 24 months.

Product Highlights

  • Pink Flamingo shaped inflatable pool.
  • Backrest available.
  • Leg holes for the kids to sit comfortably.
  • Made with durable and environmentally-friendly PVC material.

The Good

Oima Baby Flamingo Inflatable Pool Float has a really fun bright pink Flamingo design that all toddlers seem to immediately love.

The Bad

The worst part is that it does not come with a pump. So you have to use a bike pump or inflate it manually.


  • Durable and eco-friendly material
  • Leg holes and backrest available
  • Fun design


  • No sun protection
  • No pump provided
  • Quick deflation
  • Colors fade soon
  • Larger kids tend to tilt the float

Final Thoughts

Well, so that’s all you need to know about the 5 best pool floats for toddlers. Our personal recommendation would be to use the Speedo Kids’ Begin to Swim Fabric Baby Cruiser with Canopy is it’s incredibly portable, efficient, and comes with an inflatable canopy for sun protection!

However, if your baby is swimming in an indoors pool, you can also go for My Baby Float or Waitiee Free Swimming Float, both of which are extremely reasonable.

Now be sure to buy the right baby pool float, get out into the water, and splash around with your kid!

People also ask

Instead of a pool float for toddlers, can we get neck floats instead?

People often consider buying neck floats instead of complete pool floats for toddlers because they’re far more reasonable. However, neck floats can be extremely dangerous. This is because neck floats only consist of one seam. As such, if the seam comes undone, the toddler could go underwater. Therefore you should not use neck floats for babies just learning to swim. Pool floats are the best means of introducing toddlers to the water.

Besides pool floats for toddlers, are there any other type of safe floats?

As an alternative to pool floats for toddlers, you can also try out Float Suits. These can be worn like a life vest and they provide buoyancy to the baby while they’re learning to swim. However, unlike the Pool Float, these will not keep your toddler’s face out of water.

Are there some Pool Float safety tips we should adhere to?

Pool floats for toddlers are designed to be completely safe. However, you can adhere to the following precautions:

  1. You should always be focused on the toddler in the water, even if they’re in a safe pool float.
  2. Always stay within arm’s reach of the toddler.
  3. Pool floats for toddlers are meant to keep your child’s torso and face out of water. However, if you go to the water regularly, you should learn CPR because accidents can still happen.
  4. Pool floats for toddlers should only be used on pools. Some people use it on the shallow ends of beaches as well. But you must never wade further.
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