50 Amazing Modern Swimming Pool Designs

Modern Swimming Pool Designs

Are you looking for some fantastic swimming pool designs?

Here are 50 most awesome modern designs to complement your home aesthetics.

So, let’s begin without losing any time!

Infinity Love pool design

When the surrounding beauty is out there to please your eyes, this infinity pool creates a perfect setting. The design of this pool is all about creating an environment where the pool merges seamlessly with the natural beauty. Some extra elements are included to create a convenient and luxurious space around the pool.

Infinity pools are a perfect blend of naturalistic and architectural pool designs. The pool is equipped with LED colored lighting to enhance the beauty. The Hammered Mediterranean glass merges the water’s blue color with the scenic view in the front. The tanning bay, swim-up bar, and granite tiling add to the beauty.

2. Donnell Pool

Donnell Pool design

Created long ago by renowned landscape architects, Donnell Pool is a perfect swimming pool design for modern families. The curvy design blended with garden looks modern. That is why this pool design is still a favorite of many people.

The shape of the pool looks like a bean. The addition of a floating deck and garden elements nearby create a sense of a small island. The credit of this evergreen design goes to the creators Thomas Church, George Rockrise, and Lawrence Halprin. You even get a sculpture right in the middle of the pool, which brings more beauty to the overall design.

3. Fish Mural Pool

Fish Mural Pool design

The continuity from the yard to the pool creates a striking appeal in your home interior. The lap pool design allows lower catch gutter to receive spills. Then, the same water goes towards the balance tank. The tank creates a distinctive water feature. In fact, you can even create another adjacent pool as well.

The two water bodies stay separated by a wall. This wall supports the water bodies and provides a large fish mural to enhance the aesthetics. The architecture of this pool design is systematic and aligns with a variety of modern home designs. You can use glass doors in every room to have the view and access to the pool from all the places in your home.

4. Second-floor logo pool

Second-floor logo pool

A pool on the second floor of your home would give you more open space. You can ask your builder to provide strong retaining walls to support the pool and the yard. A rectangular shape with modern-age negative edges blends perfectly with the home interior. You can get a logo with tiles fixed at the pool’s bottom. That logo looks a little hazy in water and brings your pool to life. But to highlight the logo, you would require colorful lighting in the pool.

Contrast this sleek design with eco-design furniture and use filtration system as well as pumps to keep the water clean. Make sure that you arrange the filtration system out of sight.

5. Modern edges and roof pool

Modern edges and roof pool

A little sunshine and tanning lounges provide a perfect setting of the pool for modern homes. This marvelous design perfectly fits that category with its cantilevered roof that opens. Hence, you receive sunlight in the right amount when sitting in the lounges. This pool also has negative edges along with horizontal lines that give it a modern appeal.

The use of glass doors allows light to reflect and offer a sparkling shine in this pool area. When choosing the furniture, you can combine white with grey to enhance the beauty of this modern pool design.

6. Floating deck pool

Floating deck pool

Originally used in a spa located in South Africa, this pool design creates a natural appeal. The beautiful modern style landscaping is merged with hardscaping. The pool seamless allows a free spa to merge with the water body. The large windows in the surroundings allow a complete view of the pool. The waterline touches the floating platform. You can add seats and use LED lighting to get the pool’s beauty at night as well.

7. Glowing sphere

Glowing sphere pool design

Having a focal point in your pool can bring more eyes of appreciation to the design. This pool explains how you can do it. The square platform of the pool offers vanishing edges on all four sides. Hence, the pool looks like a natural water body.

In the middle of the pool, there is a sphere with LED lights. The lighting becomes mesmerizing due to the reflection of the sphere in water.

8. Mini water floating deck

By using small elevations, you can allow water to float and have a tiny waterfall. This unique design merges geometrical properties with landscapes to offer an elegant appeal. The curves seamless make patios and pool look as one structure. Plus, the decking allows water to flow regularly. The elevations hide the surge tank underneath. There are no steep slopes, which makes this design smooth.

The elevations vary regarding heights, and one side of the pool contains a vanishing curvy edge.

9. Dolphin mosaic in a blue bubble

Achieving architectural excellence in a small space seems impossible. However, this design denies that completely. Using a round shape to design the pool, this one accentuates the small space.

The round formations are also used to include two small plants and a separate water body. The bottom contains a mosaic of dolphin, which looks marvelous in the blue lighting.

The ionization system is leveraged to sanitize and disinfect the water. You can include a bar or a spa to complement this beautiful pool setting.

10. Sleek Island

Sleek Island

If your home offers a coastal view, leverage it with this sleek design. The pool has modern lines that contrast with the island that you see in front of your home.

The extended roofline is limited to a certain area, so that, the pool gets an open design. This way, your indoor space seamlessly blends with the outdoors. It is a great feeling when you can feel free and merged with the natural beauty of the surroundings.

11. Curves and Cantilever

With a cantilevered top, you can extend indoors towards the outdoor beauty. The cantilevers also provide a shelter to sit and relax in the outdoor space. The curved and raised patio creates a royal appeal. This pool is a perfect example of how modern design can take hints from old architectures. Add some artistic lighting, and you become ready to amaze your guests.

This pool design requires a large area to grab that attractive shape and curves. Use mild lighting to give a soothing night view to this pool area.

12. Mountain enclosed pool

If your home is located on a high altitude, use the views without losing the safety. This enclosed pool design allows you to capture the picturesque beauty in an enclosed pool environment. The vanishing edges of the pool and the glass material allow the space to get an echoing environment. The roof has a hut shape, which shines multiple lights. The yellow lighting contrasts beautifully with the blue lighting of the pool.

You can use solar power to provide energy to the swim jets as well as a small pool for children.

13. Waterfall in the forest

This smart design accomplishes a lot in a small space. A large pool is designed with a waterfall and other elements that give a rainforest appeal.

The waterfall is positioned towards the outside, so that, it can eliminate the sounds that come from the outside. Also, the sound of the waterfall also vanishes mostly outside, and a soothing sound is heard inside the house.

This is a freeform design with plants, lightings and sitting area to offer a large forest camp kind of environment. The curvy shape of the pool doesn’t make it look artificial.

14. Eco-friendly natural theme

Eco-friendly natural theme

Mimicking the nature with eco-friendly elements makes this design sustainable and effective. The aquatic plants, lotuses, rocks and other elements offer a real natural theme to this pool. The river rock and pebbles are used to create a smooth bottom. The natural boulder allows the waterfall to give a splash, which makes this pool active. Stones are hand-cut and showcase their true beauty in the blue and green LED lights.

Filtration is organic, which allows the pool to stay clean. You can swim and even provide habitat for some fishes as well.

15. No edges

When your house has many horizontal and vertical lines, complement it with this no edge pool design. This curvy design removes the stress from the design. The shape looks like a bean, which has been a popular pool design shape for more than 60 years. The modern home interiors get a relaxing appeal with this pool.

The shape of this pool design is applicable in large as well as small pool spaces. According to the area, you can include a sheltered garden, seating, and lighting to enhance the beauty of the pool.

16. Lagoon pool

Your desire to have a resort-like feeling gets fulfilled with this lagoon design. If you have a large space, create this large design with amenities that let you feel relaxed.

This pool design features waterfalls, wet and dry walk grotto, lazy river flow and islands. The mild slope allows water from the fall to slowly cross the walking bridge and reach the slow river. You can include a palm tree to give it more natural appeal. The amenities should include a tanning shelf and seating. Add lighting at the top of the waterfalls and use blue lighting for the water.

17. Spa integrated raised pool

This raised pool design is massive and integrated with a spa. There are four sides without any edges, which looks more exquisite due to the glass tile in the surrounding. The entrance has travertine steps to approach the deck. The flaming cauldron offers a little drama to the overall design setting.

Though this design looks appealing in the outdoor, you can mimic the same elements in indoor pool space. Accentuate the surroundings with lighting, which will get reflected by the glass tiles used in the tall pool walls.

18. Modern geometric retreat

When metallic colors are used with geometric patterns, a futuristic appeal comes out as a result. This pool design showcases how geometric patterns can give a modern elegance to your house. The patterns and shapes are used to create the interior of the pool. The water enhances the curves of those patterns. The fish like the shape of the pool complements the surrounding patterns. The sleek seating and circles are used to complete the surroundings.

This pool design has a rustic elegance that many modern homes can leverage. The materials give a sense of old-world, which balances the modern geometry of the design.

19. Negative edge creek

In the hillside, this pool design provides a spa area with many other customized features. The shape of the pool is negative-edge, which is joined by a creek.

The design of the creek has travertine, pebble tile, and glass tile as well. The flow is towards the pool from the creek. A curvy space is available in the middle with seating and a fire pit.

The spa also looks like a creek adjacent to the creek. It has mild lighting outside, and blue-colored LED lighting in the pool, which looks marvelous at night.

20. Pool and a bench

This simple pool design aligns with almost every house interior. The personalization of the pool is offered with a bench. While the pool uses light-colored ceramic tiles, the bench contains bright, colorful patterns.

Arranging pillows on the bench add to the beauty and create a comfortable seating near the pool. This is a perfect small space where you would want to relax with your family and friends. There are two water bodies.

The smaller water container is elevated, which allows water to flow towards the main pool. The mild sound of water offers a relaxing appeal to space.

21. Luxurious cave grotto

This is an exotic idea to with saltwater, visual effects and other amenities. The self-contained cave has a pool located inside the grotto.

The cave has a bar, kitchen, game room, shower, and bathroom area. The entry is about 43 ft long slide. There is a synthetic lawn that offers a sitting area. The complete arrangement requires expert pool designers and architectures.

If you desire to do something exotic with your place, this cave idea will benefit you for sure.

22. Pair of small pools

This is a great example of how you can make small pools look amazing with a serene surrounding arrangement. Using high-quality materials, you get a beautiful design with two pools adjacent to each other.

However, one pool has an elevation, which makes it a spa with negative edge design. The tiles have a mosaic pattern that offers relaxing appeal. Each side has two artificial set of stork birds, which makes the pool attached to the surrounding beauty.

This sleek design accomplishes a lot in a small area. You are getting a spa, and a pool arranged beautifully. So, if you have a small space for pool, this one can become a suitable choice.

23. Stone pillars and the pool

Your old pool design can get a refreshing look with this addition. Stone pillars are coming out of the water and supporting the roof. The roof offers a large space to sit where you can put benches and pillows.

The columns are made of stones, which gives this design a unique contrast of modern and old design. The pool area also has a fire pit that adds more drama to space. The patio is a little higher than the pool, which offers a wider view when sitting under the roof.

24. Unique edges

A natural pond appeal is possible with a modern design of the pool. This design showcases how unique shapes and selective colors can make your pool beautiful. There are two interconnected shapes in this pool that offer a vanishing edge.

One large water body works as a pool, while the smaller one is the spa. You can see the elevation difference between the pools. The pool’s entry has beautiful small steps. And everything is arranged in a very confined area, making this design space efficient. The dark colors of the pool merge beautifully with the green surroundings.

25. The magic of tiles and limestone

For old pools that have brick coping and mauve tiles, this replacement would be a better renovation choice. The use of Leuder limestone and elongated tile shapes offers a modern appeal to the area.

The colors are multiple shades of grey, which allows the furniture to have bright colors. There are three major surfaces at different elevations. The highest elevation offers a sitting arrangement with tables and chairs. The limestone slabs are custom cut, which makes them perfectly suitable for every location.

26. Long rectangular shape

A long rectangular shape with comforting amenities allows you to swim properly if your goal is to exercise by swimming in straight lines. This pool design can help you with that. The lighting in the pool does most of the work concerning aesthetics.

However, the surroundings contain less lighting, which creates a sense of privacy at night. The open space allows you to create multiple relaxing areas. The curtain-covered small area has two chairs to sit and view the surroundings.

27. Party pool and spa

With this kind of blend of naturalistic beauty, you can prepare your pool area for parties. The goal of this design is to provide a natural escape blended with the indoor space. The elevated spa and garden space offers depth to the swimming pool.

The steps from the pool go straight to the indoor sitting area. Plus, there is another sitting arrangement on one end of this rectangular pool. The size of this pool also makes it work like a lap pool.

So, you can take care of your fitness on a daily basis and host cozy pool parties for your friends. The novelty and usefulness come together in this pool design.

28. Big backyard pool setting

The classic rectangular shape is elevated above, merging with the slope of the ground. This is a unique pool setting that would enhance the large open space you have in your yard. In a green garden type setting, this pool effectively uses the uneven ground to its advantage.

The main pool is high, while the lower part has a small water body. Water slowly falls from the pool due to its design and gets collected in the water body below. There are steps on both sides to reach the sloped ground.

29. A quiet escape

You can get a private space to relax in the pool, while your lawn gets a separate location as well. The simple rectangular pool setting complements the large green lawn.

One side has a line of trees that balances the light that reaches the sitting area. The space is large and open, yet you can relax and spend time in your privacy.

If your goal is quiet evenings with your friends or alone, this pool setting can be your modern lifestyle addition.

30. Rectangular squares

Instead of traditional rectangles, you can allow square and rectangular shapes to converge together. This pool design showcases how two simple shapes become unique when merged creatively.

The rectangular pool cuts in the middle to create a diamond spa. The spa has a square shape inside. Plus, every corner contains a square pedestal. The pool allows zero-entry, which merges the patio surface with the pool without any seam.

One side is open while the other side has a pillared roof to provide a shaded seating area. There are glass doors to access the pool or enjoy the beautiful view when you are inside your house. The pool space is large, which makes it suitable for recreational as well as fitness purposes.

31. Pool for outdoor living

Modern living standards include a variety of elements. This pool design allows you to have a backyard with every amenity that you desire for outdoor living.

The open space pool combines a rectangular pool with fire pit seating and serene landscape. The reflection of the fire pit gives a unique beauty to the pool.

The surrounding space includes stylized tile shapes and glass doors. The indoor area, hence, blends with the outdoors easily. So, hosting backyard parties and barbeques become convenient.

32. Stone patio pool

A small pool area with a modernized appeal of old architectural elements. You can see the concrete stones, used to create patio and decking.

The architecture of the house also matches the stone features. The shape of the pool complements the patterns of the stones. Two fire bowls complete the seating line that contains three chairs with cushions.

The whole pool design follows one color format in different shades. The rustic nature of the color is balanced by the bright stone patterns here and there. The furniture has a modern shape but an old design, which also looks innovative and complements the walls of the house.

33. A royal fountain pool

The use of cut stones and square pavers offers a dramatic appeal to the structure of this pool. The grass has been given a lined shape blending with the used stone patterns.

There are beautiful pillars on one side of the pool offering water fountain that spills water in the pool. Each corner of the pool has a stone-made vase structures holding flower plants.

The fountain pillars have a two-step fountain. Water comes out of the pillar and falls to reach large bowls, which overflows and spills water.

34. Red wooden deck

If you need more dramatic decking in contrast with your simple house design, choose a red wooden deck. This design allows the pool area to come out and become the most appealing area.

The pool has a concrete structure which is reinforced to keep the water contained. Then, the decking has a red color coating. The red works in this case, as the house has white colored walls.

However, you can try using other bright colors, depending on the colors you have on your house walls. The edges of the pool blend seamlessly with the decking, which is important to make the area look spacious.

35. Stone mosaic and elevated spa

If your wish is to get a grand pool, this design would impress you. In fact, this design makes your large space look larger with its elements.

The pool has a large stone wall on one side. The water spills from the containers in the middle. The mosaic stones are the biggest highlight that allows the spa and the pool to look beautiful.

The stones have a deep brown color, and so do the mosaic tiles. This color selection allows the pool design to complement the surroundings.

36. The gym pool

Modern houses contain a gym area. Having a pool just outside the gym enhances the value of the space.

Top to bottom glass doors allows a view of the beautiful pool area when working out in the gym. Plus, another side of the pool has a glass wall that gives a clear picture of the outside world.

So, you can feel relaxed when taking your long swimming laps. The grey tiles are cut to create steps to the pool. The place is enclosed to ensure that the environment stays cozy.

37. A loop of beauty

A freeform design that amazes you every time you see it. Your backyard can look grand with this pool design, even if you have a small space.

The whole pool design has a loop that includes the pool, spa, and two round shaped platforms for flower vases. The red stones offer a raw appeal of cuts which is balanced by the round shape of the pool.

The sitting arrangement is close to the pool, and the poolside area has a grass setting outlining the pool shape. The whole design becomes an extension of your house before the grass lawn begins.

38. Pool house with a green roof

With the use of wildflowers, sedges, and grass, this pool house shares the space with the natural surroundings seamlessly. The use of limestone and steel makes decking of the pool modern yet complementing for the surroundings.

The same goes for the interior of the pool. The whole pool interior contains mosaic tiles made of glass, which reflects the light and becomes the focal point of the design. There are three stools given inside the pool. The roof of the house is green, and the doors are made of glass for the view.

39. River garden view

If you have a river view from your house with a garden, use it to create your pool design. This pool design smartly leverages the beauty of the surroundings.

The actual design of the pool is pretty simple. There is a long rectangular pool with white stone decks. However, the location makes this design more appealing.

The grassy lawn, tall trees and a clear view of the river offer a perfect pool setting. One side of the pool has carefully cultivated flower setting, which blends the pool structure with the green ground.

40. L-Shaped beauty

A unique design with L-shape pool that brings beauty with small fountains. Each side of this pool design fulfills a purpose. One side has fountains with vivid lighting along with trees lined together.

In the opposite direction, there is a seating arrangement with chairs and tables to enjoy the fountain view. The L-shape has three floating pavers to cross the pool and go to the other side.

A black sculpture comes out of the water offering aesthetical beauty. However, the fountains are definitely the focal point due to the beautiful lighting. Large square and rectangular slabs are used for the flooring.

41. Private courtyard plantation

This courtyard plantation has impressive views due to the tropical arrangement of the pool. The pool has green lighting and a no-edge shape with wooden decking. The level of decking is the same as the water level.

Hence, going in and coming out of the pool becomes easy. The surrounding area is closed with glass walls. However, there is no roof.

The brown color of the decking and the pool’s interior lighting complements the plantation. The design is sleek and suitable for any side of a courtyard, especially when you have mountain or coastal views available.

42. Pebble finish pool

The pebble finish is known to enhance the beauty of clear water. This pool design shows how natural pebble can reflect the sky and can make pool water work as a beauty element for the area.

The sunlight also brightens the cement pavers. These pavers provide a safe pathway to walk without worrying about hot sand. The pool has a kidney shape with a round elevated spa on one side.

The blue water offers a soothing experience, which is enjoyable by sitting near the pool.

43. Open and close

This large open space pool design combines modern home design with the greenery. The openness is visible, as each room gets a clear view of the pool area. The same element makes the pool area accessible and close to every room.

One wall has green grass that merges with the grass on the ground. The rest of the walls are white and have glass doors. The pool steals the focus with blue water and the reflection of the whole surroundings.

The openness of this pool design gives a feeling of palm spring life. However, here you get to stay close to the indoor leisure without losing the view of the outside.

44. Hill farmhouse pool

If you feel that your hill farmhouse doesn’t allow pool creation, then, look at this design. This incredible pool design conveniently aligns with the mountain surroundings.

The pool has white stone lining with spa. The seating arrangements offer a chance to enjoy the Mediterranean view. You can relax, work, or swim amidst the beauty that nature has to offer.

You can design a garden and pave the way towards the pool area, just like this design does. This way, the pool area becomes a part of the house that is connected to the garden area.

45. Mosaic blue tiles

Blue mosaic tiles are used in the spa area of this pool. With correct lighting, the spa area gives a mesmerizing view at night. The pool has white tiles that can reflect the sunlight.

At night, the same tiles reflect the sky with all the stars. And that reflection further enhances the beauty of the mosaic tiles.

The steps going inside the pool also have mosaic tiles. The roofed space is provided to sit and enjoy the open pool area.

46. Glass roof covered pool

This design has smooth and rough elements that work together. The technicality of the structures operates together with the natural appeal of the sky and plants.

Created in a confined area, you get this pool in a long rectangular shape. The pool has a roof made of glass in a metal frame. The sky stays visible when taking laps in the pool.

At night, the lights of the pool illuminate the whole area. You can grab a view through the elegant glass panes on the ground floor. This is a great example of how you can design your pool in a small space.

47. Cabana with fountain pool

If you are thinking about having a pool, think about opening your house a little bit. This design showcases how you can convert your house into a cabana and leverage the open space to design a pool area. This large pool has a beautiful fountain with lighting. Near the fountain, there are large plant vases.

In the cabana, you have comfortable seating, ceiling fans, heaters and an outdoor kitchen with television. There is a fireplace extending outside towards the pool. The kitchen also has a small dining area that stays under the roof but offers the view of the green lawn outside.

48. Curved infinity

A pavilion with timber wood and steel framing is spreading the house towards the pool. The pool has green pebbles and a curved shape from the outside.

This infinity pool allows water to flow out on one side, which gets collected in an underneath tank. The pebble finish gives an element of beauty to the pool.

This design is suitable to converge the mountain or hillside views with your house backyard. The size of the pool is almost the same as one side of the house.

Hence, the pool view is available from every area of the house. That is why you can see the glass doors and windows in every part of the house.

49. Enclosed pool with windows

If weather conditions in your area reach extreme levels, this pool design makes more sense. The enclosed beautiful room becomes your pool area with a long lap pool. Walls, roof, and windows provide much-needed coverage from the outside temperatures.

Sitting arrangement is available with comfortable pillows. You can control the temperature in the pool area and enjoy swimming on any day of the year.

One side has adjacent windows, so that, you don’t feel restricted in the area. The outside beauty is visible to you when you are taking your swimming laps.

50. Raised swimming pool

This one is a lap pool that is high above the ground. The elevation is high enough for anyone to climb. Steps are provided for kids to climb up.

The large rectangular pool has two sides divided by a red wooden platform. The smaller water section works as a spa. The whole pool has a strong concrete structure.

The modifications of redwood give blue water a different surrounding. You can build a pool like this on one side of your house without losing a large space.

Hopefully, you have enjoyed exploring all these modern pool designs. Now, use your creativity and the attained ideas to decide which elements would look great in your pool design.

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