Dolphin Oasis z5 Review: Buyer’s Ultimate Guide

Dolphin Oasis z5 Review
Dolphin Oasis z5 Review

Dolphin Oasis Z5 is a new modern generation pool cleaner that comes with excellent cleaning technology which ensures your pool is sparkling clean.

It is a superior robotic cleaner that comes with features such as great performance, caddy for moving around efficiently and remote control for easier usage.

On top of that it comes with a 3-year warranty, dual drive motor, great power supply cable, and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Dolphin Z5

When you consider buying this robotic swimming pool cleaner you’ll have to spend a few more coins. The Z5 is quite an expensive robotic pool cleaner, but the caddy and remote control are included in the package which makes it all worth it.

When it comes to the power supply you need a standard 110 volt outlet to plug it in, in order for it to function. Also, to start the cleaning cycle you have to use the remote control.

Since the machine has a caddy for moving around easily you have to be aware that it is made of mostly plastic, therefore it has to be handled with care to avoid breaking it.

The remote control is basic, so you can choose to select whether you want the cleaning of the robotic machine to be full or a quick cleaning cycle.

You should also know that the Dolphin Oasis Z5 is self-programmed, which means it is a plug and play robotic machine that provides optimal pool scanning once you turn it on.

Most people think they can get away with buying cheap pool cleaners. Although it makes sense since we are always trying to save money, it is not the right direction to take.

We all want to jump into a clean pool whenever we want to swim. Cheap machines come with their own disadvantages that you wouldn’t find in most of the expensive ones.

Such disadvantages include; cheap pools miss out on some areas while cleaning, they are not cost-effective; meaning that you might end up spending more in maintenance because of how vulnerable they are to damage, they take up too much of your time as most don’t work efficiently, and they also don’t come with extra benefits such as basic things, which you may mostly find in expensive pool cleaners.

dolphin Oasis Z5

  • It can clean various surfaces such as vinyl, tile, concrete, and fiberglass.
  • It can also clean walls, waterline, and cove on your pool.
  • It only takes about 1.5 to 2.5 hours for thoroughly cleaning your pool.


  • It can be quite expensive for some people.
  • It is not ideal for larger pools of more than 50 feet.

What Makes Dolphin Oasis Z5 Ideal?

The Dolphin Oasis Z5 is quite ideal as it has been developed by Maytronics, a popular company known for selling excellent Dolphin robots. The company holds first place in the market share and innovation, and they are focused on providing the best-performing robots for a better pool cleaning experience.

They have 30 years of experience in manufacturing amazing pool cleaners and offer a wide range of solutions and they are greatly leveraging on their expertise and knowledge to provide unmatched value to pool owners.

Dolphin Oasis Z5 can handle dirty jobs very fast and is suitable for in-ground pools. If you have a pool size of a maximum 50 feet then it can really do a great job for you. The machine is not selective on the shape of the pool either; it can clean any kind of whether it’s L-shaped, round, rectangle, or oval.

Features and Benefits of Dolphin Oasis Z5

Dolphin Oasis Z5 is a pool cleaning robot that is meant to make things easier for you. With its features and benefits you will get to see if it can be of help to you depending on the kind of preferences you may want in a pool cleaner. The features and benefits include;

  1. Excellent Specifications
  2. Accessories and design
  3. Energy efficient and silence features
  4. Quite durable and efficient
  5. Combined track drive & Split brush system
  6. Relatively portable
  7. Convenient filtration compartments

1. Excellent Specifications

It features a 59-feet cable length and has a total weight of 24 pounds. It also comes with a filter porosity which includes one cartridge that has a dual level filtration, a set of two spring net filters and another set of two ultra-fine filters.

It includes a motion unit voltage of 24 DVC as well as a suction rate that goes up to 4490 gallons in an hour. The power supply of Dolphin Oasis Z5 includes a digital switch mode with an output of not more than 30VCD. It also comes with a CleverClean intelligent navigation system, it is UL certified and ETL listed.

2. Accessories and Design

The Dolphin Oasis Z5 is made of very reliable and high-quality materials that make sure it lasts for long compared to other cheaper similar machines.

The machine measures a size of 20x15x15 inches and its weight is just ideal to move or carry around. Another added feature with this machine is the remote control that allows access to so many features.

For example; you can choose the length of every cycle, and you can also guide the cleaner according to how you want it to work.

The reason it is even easier to carry around is the availability of a caddy cart. The two sets of filters also make the machine quite ideal.

3. Energy Efficient and Silence Features

I personally hate machines that produce too much noise when you are using them. I mean is it a must that your neighbors know every time you’re cleaning the pool? …Duuh. I really don’t like that.

But thanks to the Dolphin Oasis Z5 the cleaning process is much peaceful with the silence that it provides. No one will even know when you’re cleaning your pool and what’s more is that it really saves up on energy.

It consumes less energy and this means that it greatly helps you to save up on your electricity bills.

4. Quite Durable and Efficient

The efficiency of the Dolphin Oasis Z5 machine comes from its ability to use very easily. It doesn’t require any “rocket science” to use the machine the right way.

The remote control is also easy to use and after your purchase the machine you can start cleaning your pool in no time. It also comes with a simple manual that you can read up in minutes, understand and get on to work with the machine.

The machine also comes with a 3-year warranty. This is not the case in most robots out there as most come with 1 to 2 years in warranty periods.

5. Combined Track Drive & Split Brush System

This robotic cleaner doesn’t have any wheels for moving around but it uses two rubber tracks. These rubber tracks are powered by DC motors and they are actually better than wheels, in my opinion though.

The motors are quite energy efficient and they can move through all kinds of surfaces thanks to their combination with split brushes. Tracks provide better traction and through them you will have a great pool-cleaning experience.

6. Relatively Portable

Portability is one feature that makes most machines stand out from the others. Everyone wants an equipment that will be easy to use and move from one place to another without much strain.

With The Dolphin Oasis Z5 robot you don’t have to worry about a thing because all that has been taken care of. It also comes with a 60-foot power cable that has a 360-degree movement cable that provides a tangle-free operation while cleaning your pool.

7. Convenient Filtration Compartments

You can replace the filters of Dolphin Oasis Z5 conveniently without any strain because it provides access to the filtration compartments. The modular components can be replaced relatively easy and fast and therefore provides a very simple way of keeping the device functioning.

Alternatives of Dolphin Oasis Z5

There are various alternatives that you can consider apart from the Dolphin Oasis Z5. Let’s have an in-depth at some of them.

As you can see on the reviews above, most of the customers using the Dolphin Oasis Z5 robot are quite happy with the results that they have seen and very much recommend it. I believe if something is good it should be recommended to other people so that they can also benefit from it.

Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner

The premier is similar to the Dolphin Oasis Z5 in various ways. These include; it has rubber tracks, it also comes with a 3-year warranty, it features DC motors, and it also has an anti-tangle cable swivel. The price of premier is also similar to the Z5 but it doesn’t include any remote control.

Dolphin Triton Robotic Pool Cleaner

This is also another alternative to the Dolphin Oasis Z5. It is also very similar to the Z5 in terms of design and it also has a caddy cart as well as a remote control feature.

It also comes with a caddy for storage or moving around and can clean pools of maximum 50 feet just like the Z5. However, unlike the Z5 it comes with a 2-year warranty and it has a 3-hour cleaning cycle.

Aquabot Turbo T2 Plus Pool Cleaner

This is also another great pool cleaner that you can opt for other than the Dolphin Oasis Z5. It comes with power wash features that will leave you happy and satisfied. It features a 60-feet long cable and can mix up to 75 gallons of water in a minute. Just like the Z5 it can also clean walls and pool floors.

Final Thoughts

The problem of having to strain while cleaning your pool when it gets dirty has now been solved by this amazing pool cleaning machine. Not only will you be cleaning your pool in a very easy way, but you will be handling the process without any annoying noise that is produced by most machines.

The Dolphin Oasis Z5 can clean the floor of you pool and even the walls in a very ideal way. Therefore, be sure to check out the product and see how it can be of benefit to you. You can click here to check out the Dolphin Oasis Z5.

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