Blue Wave NE6171B Review: Buyer’s Ultimate Guide

blue wave ne6171b pool pump review

You may agree to the fact that finding a durable above ground pool pump with promising features is very tough for now. There are numerous options, which tend to make the choices more difficult.

If you are on the lookout for a pump with promising features and durability, then specific features and functionalities need to be specially taken into consideration.

The Blue Wave NE6171B is one of those few pumps in the segment, which accounts for exciting features and a compact build. It is also a very durable unit, which makes it one of the best available pumps in the segment.

If you are new to such pumps, then it is quite natural to have limited knowledge about the pumps and their features. This Blue Wave NE6171B Review will provide you with an insight into the elements of Blue Wave NE6171B, which will help you quickly make your decisions.

blue wave ne6171b pool pump

Large Basket

A large basket has been provided along with the Blue Wave NE6171B above ground pump, which is placed for more straightforward collection of debris.

It is also capable of collecting dirt for a number, of occasions before it needs to be adequately cleaned. This aspect also lowers the quotient of maintenance.

At the same time, the cover of the basket is transparent, which allows you to look inside. It allows you to get a glimpse of the dirt and debris collected so that you are aware of when it needs to be cleaned.

Two knobs present on the side of the lid ensure that you can quickly open up the basket and empty its contents when needed.


One of the most enticing features of the Blue Wave NE6171B above ground pool pump is its endurance and high strength. The pump has been built using a polymer, which is capable of withstanding corrosion and the harsh elements of nature.

This feature allows you to retain the pump for a very long time without showing severe defects.

Air-vents are provided along the body of the pump do facilitate proper ventilation of air. This aspect helps to keep the motor cool and thus saves it from overheating and damage.

The motor has been designed in such a way so that it can stay appropriately ventilated. At the same time, anti-corrosion construction of the engine ensures you flexible usage, both outdoors and indoors.

The compact design of the Blue Wave NE6171B pump also provides you with a compact design that takes up very little space during active hours.

Dual HP Units

The Blue Wave NE6171B above ground pool pump is available in two variants. The one horsepower unit and the 1.5 horsepower unit have been designed similarly but provides for a difference in flow rate and power. Therefore, you can make choices depending on your needs and the efficiency desired.

You can quickly make a choice based on the type of pool you have, its size and the depth of the same. The variants primarily differ regarding the energy they consume and allow you to make a choice based on your energy consumption needs as well.

Dual Port Design

One of the other most intriguing features of the Blue Wave NE6171B above ground pool pump is its double port design, which is capable of both horizontal and vertical discharge. The pump is also compatible with most of the filter systems, which adds another dimension to its usability.

Low Maintenance and Easy Installation

The Blue Wave NE6171B above ground pool pump accounts for deficient maintenance owing to its robust construction, compact design, and efficient airflow mechanism and anti-corrosive coverings.

The motor of the pump, which is also referred to as the heart of the unit, has been built using the anti-corrosive material. This material allows the engine to run efficiently for decades, reducing maintenance efforts to a minimum.

The process of assembly and installation is a breeze as well since it can be done without any professional help. The process is pure as the pump comes pre-assembled. All you need to do is plug it in and start using the pump.

Self-Priming Feature

The self-priming feature makes the Blue Wave NE6171B above ground pool pump completely automatic. Therefore manual indulgence for operation is very limited. This feature also reduces the maintenance of the entire unit comprehensively since it is capable of self-maintenance.


  • Strong suction capability.
  • Compatible with most of the filter systems.
  • Available in two HP variants.
  • Easy to maintain and install.
  • A more natural discharging mechanism through dual ports.
  • Compact design for easier mobility.
  • Affordable pricing for the pump.
  • Efficient motor with an enhanced ventilation system.
  • The motor body has been built using anti-corrosive material polymer.
  • Unit body is also built using anti-corrosive polymer.
  • Self-priming feature.


  • Comparatively lower pressure.
  • System flow and pump flow is relatively less.
  • Extra-parts need to be bought from the retailer.
  • Not compatible with larger pools.

Final Thoughts

The Blue Wave NE6171B above ground pool pump has been efficiently designed in such a way so that you can efficiently use it for your outdoor pools. The two variants ensure that you have ample choices concerning the power that you need.

The compact design makes the entire unit extraordinarily efficient and allows easier mobility. The most fantastic aspect tends to be the ventilation system along with the anti-corrosion elements, which is a bonus.

The pump also comes with a comprehensive warranty of one year on the entire unit. The pricing of the Blue Wave NE6171B above ground pool pump has been kept very low as well, which lets you avoid a hefty pocket pinch easily.

If you are on the lookout for a pump, which will be safe for your family, filled with features and easy to operate, then the Blue Wave NE6171B above ground pool pump is among the best options available to you.

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