Intex 28679EG Review: Buyer’s Ultimate Guide

intex 28679eg review

Are you on the lookout for the best sand filter pump and saltwater system for your inflatable aboveground swimming pool? Are the choices getting too difficult for you since the technicalities associated with the machines are tough to assess? Well, many people, especially those who are beginners at using such machines, face this problem.

Well, in most probability, the Intex 28679EG is among the best choices available to you in this segment. This advanced machine provides you with an array of features for maintaining an excellent condition of your above ground pool.

In this Intex 28679EG Review, you will get to see all of the salient features, which make it one of the best in the segment.

Intex 28679eg

Changing the Sand

The Intex 28679EG leads the segment, owing to a secure sand changing system. Essentially the sand has to be changed once every five years. The capacity range for the above ground pools range from 4800 to 15,000 gallons, and the sand needs to be replaced once in five years for every one of them.

It allows you to upgrade the pool system within the house without having to worry about the filter. It is a significant benefit because it saves you from recurrent costs associated with updates.

High Flow Pump

One of the most intriguing features of the filtration pump system is its high-flow rate. The pump has an active flow rate 2650 GPH, and the system flow rate is 2150 GPH for the same. It is the standard flow rate in most filter pumps available for average-sized families.

Owing to the relatively small dimensions of the pumping system, they are very easily portable. While shifting the inflatable pool system, you can transport the pump without much of an issue.

Electro Catalytic Oxidation System

The Electro-Catalytic Oxidation System also referred to as the ECO system, is known to provide you with clear water by reducing effects of chlorination within the pool. This advanced filtration system also ensures you of safety from the harsh impacts of chlorination in water.

Effective chlorine filtration ensures that the filtered water does not show typical side effects of chlorination on the human body and the clothing. Due to the fact mentioned above, the pool water is deemed safe for children as well.

Cost Efficiency and Portability

The system is exceptionally cost-efficient when compared to any other types of filtration and has sustainability for years. These pumps can efficiently perform comprehensively for five years without having to experience any severe issue. It ensures that you can save on recurrent expenses associated with maintenance and repair.

In addition to the feature mentioned above, the pump is also highly portable. It has relatively smaller dimensions when compared to similar pumps in the segment. It further ensures that you do not have to face issues while relocating or upgrading your pool system.

GFCI System

The Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter system also referred to as GFCI is an additional benefit, which ensures safety for the technicians and system installers.

In cases of system overload, the system shuts off the circuit to avoid an accident. It is an excellent feature because it will protect you, your public and the people working on the pump safety from possibilities of electrocution.

The system has been designed to break the circuit, in case it can detect any form of overload.


  • The GFCI system protects the machine from potential overload.
  • It ensures that there is not any possibility of short circuit or electrocution.
  • It eliminates visible debris, bacterial and fungal growth.
  • It also protects the pool from algae infestation.
  • The valve is very easy to control.
  • The machine is available with volt ratings of 110 to 120 V.
  • There is no need for an external transformer.
  • Energetically powerful and low maintenance motor with a capacity rating of 0.095 HP.
  • Easy to maintain filter with assured maintenance support.
  • The pressure gauge indicators are straightforward to read.
  • The machine comes with a 2-year on-site warranty.
  • Any other associated part is readily available.
  • It is smaller and lighter than most of the other filtration pumps in the segment.
  • It offers a high capacity filtering range from 4800 to 15000 gallons.
  • The presence of heavy-duty and high-quality bearings ensure low noise.


  • The sand used by the machine is not provided with the pump.
  • Spare parts have to be bought separately.
  • The additional fittings are not provided in the packaging

Final Thoughts

There are several intriguing features associated with the Intex 28679EG that makes it one of the best pumps in the market.

Apart from the enhanced filtration and ECO system, the unique safety feature (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) makes it a fantastic device. Moreover, it ensures safety to its operators and for the people looking after its maintenance.

This safety feature is a first in the segment, which segregates the device from its counterparts and makes it better than them.

At the same time, this pump features low maintenance cost, easier portability due to smaller dimensions and lightweight nature and a warranty of two years.

It is a great deal for you if you are on the lookout for a high-end pump, which will not burn a hole in your pocket.

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