Intex 28633EG Review: Buyer’s Ultimate Guide

intex 28633eg review

It gets difficult to find the perfect cartridge filter pump on the market when you have so many choices available. These clear cartridge filter pumps are specifically designed for above ground pools and have several advantages above the conventional ones.

It is possible that you will not have any former experience with the purchase of such filter pumps designed for above ground pools. Well, this can make your choices difficult, as there are hundreds of different options out there.

The Intex 28633EG Filter Pump for above ground pools might be what you desire, as it comprises of practically efficient features. This prospect makes it an excellent option for buyers.

Thus, look into the Intex 28633EG Filter Pump Review, which provides you with an insight into the features, pros, and cons of this capable equipment meant to clean your aboveground pool.

Intex 28633EG Review

Efficient and Low Maintenance

The Intex 28633EG one of the best pumps available in the market owing to its relatively low maintenance. The cartridge calls in for an occasional swap every two weeks and can be cleaned easily by merely rinsing it in cold running water.

In addition to that, the type B filter cartridges available for the Intex 28633EG can be found easily in the market.

The pump is double insulated, which makes it more durable and reliable. The pump has been specially designed for above ground pools using high-quality materials, which enhances its durability and efficiency.

Improved Circulation and Filtration Methods

The Intex 28633EG makes the use of hydro aeration technology, which enhances the filtration process and water quality. The circulation filter using the cartridges is more efficient as the water is made to filter through a series of layers.

The filtration method also takes lesser time for a pump with such high pool compatibility. The circulation system uses a spate pipe inlet, which enhances the efficiency of the entire process.

Increase in the negative ions across the water surface

When you purchase the Intex 28633EG Filter Pump, you can expect to be treated with clean surroundings, clean pool, and fresh water. Often the pool may show signs of algae development. Numerous bacteria may also be present in the pool, but not visible to the naked eye.

By increasing the concentration of negative ions on the surface of the water through Hydro Aeration technology, the Intex 28633EG Cartridge Filter Pump efficiently controls the growth of fungi, algae, and bacteria. This aspect maintains freshness around the pool provides for clean and sparkling water every time.

Through the oxidation of iron and manganese-induced by the hydro aeration technology, the clarity of the pool water is increased drastically. This feature offers you clean and fresh water retention for a long time.

Enhanced and Safer Chlorination

Improper chlorination can have serious side effects on the skin. If you have kids in your family, then you would want to ensure that the process of chlorination does not have any adverse impact on their health.

The chlorination filter in the Intex 28633EG Filter Pump has been designed in such a way so that you can decide the amount of chlorine you want.

It ensures you that excessive chlorination is not a possibility. In addition to that, the hydro aeration technology helps in constant circulation of water, which significantly reduces the effects of chlorination.

Includes Sediment Flush valve and Air Release Valve

The Intex 28633EG Filter Pump is renowned for its low maintenance, which is induced by several features. For instance, the integration of a separate sediment flush valve provides you easier disposal of collected sediments and waste.

This concept also ensures you that the pump can sustain itself for a longer time. Similarly, the air release valve helps you to get rid of any air that is trapped within the filter chamber without any hassle.

Integrated with GFCI

The Ground Fault Circuit Interpreter, also referred to as the GFCI system ensures better safety for your family and maintenance workers. Voltage fluctuations and overload can be dangerous for the pump and the people operating it. If proper measures are not undertaken; then the pump could electrocute its user in case of a voltage overload.

The GFCI system protects the user by sensing any abnormality in the current flow rate to the pump and shutting the circuit. Once the loop breaks, the pump ceases to function, and thus no electrocution can occur.

Low maintenance

The Intex 28633EG Filter Pump also scores big time regarding the support. It low maintenance features let you occasionally swap of the cartridge filter once in every two weeks. The process is simple, though sand filters, on the other hand, need to be replaced once every five years.


  • The process of installation is straightforward.
  • The pump is shallow and equally easy on maintenance.
  • The pump has a high flow rate is 2500 GPH.
  • Usable in larger pools (4200 to 15,200 gallons).
  • The presence of hydro-aeration technology.
  • GFCI system protects the user from electrocution.
  • The pump is double insulated.
  • An extra cartridge filter is provided.
  • Provision of sediment flush valve and air release valve.
  • Comprehensive warranty of one year.
  • Presence of auto timer.


  • Cartridge filter needs to be changed every two weeks.
  • Any extra part is not provided with packaging.

Final Thoughts

The most critical elements of Intex 28633EG Filter Pump include the integrated GFCI system and the hydro-aeration technology. These features ensure you enhanced hygienic conditions so that you and your family can enjoy your above ground pool safely.

In general, if you are on the lookout for a reliable, compact and efficient cartridge filter for above ground pools, then the Intex 28633EG Filter Pump is one of the best available in the market.

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