Intex 28643EG Review: Buyer’s Ultimate Guide

intex 28643eg review

Among the available brands, which provide with aboveground pool filter pumps, Intex certainly stands out among the top players.

However, the company itself has so many variations in their pump line, which makes it difficult to choose the right one for your pool needs.

If you are on the lookout for a clear sand filter pump, which will be right regarding the features, then the Intex 28643EG may offer you an excellent solution. It is compact, reliable and equipped with useful features.

This Intex 28643EG Review will provide you with a comprehensive insight into the features, pros, and cons of the Intex 28643EG, which is sure to make your choice simpler.

intex 28643EG review

Efficient and Low Maintenance

All the above ground pool pumps manufactured from the house of Intex are renowned for their low maintenance and high efficiency.

These pumps have been designed to ensure you a hassle-free solution. Double insulation for the pump provides that these pumps are long lasting and protected from any potential defects.

The product has been designed to ensure you higher longevity and durability. The sand filtration media within the Intex 28643EG is capable of enduring for up to 5 years.

This feature enables you to avoid the stress of spending too much on the spare parts of the pump since it is designed to work efficiently for more extended periods.

Improved Circulation and Filtration methods

The Intex 28643EG has been equipped with an enhanced filtration and circulation method. During the aeration process, the gunk settles at the bottom of the pool.

This prospect allows the sedimentation system to remove the cluttered particles with higher efficiency. The sedimentation filter valve easily gets rid of the collected particles for you within the Intex 28643EG.

Increase in the negative ions across the water surface

The concentration of the negative ions on the surface of the pool water ensures you a cleaner surrounding in the pool. It also partially controls the formation of bacteria and algae on the bottom surface of the lake.

This feature is an integral concept of the hydro-aeration technology, which is a unique feature among the pumps manufactured by Intex.

Enhanced Water Clarity

The aeration process is meant to induce oxidation of iron and manganese, which effectively increases the quality of water and freshness around it.

The mixing is basically between air and water, which helps to keep the pool clean. The entire process significantly enhances the water quality making the water appear clean and sparkling.

Enhanced and Safer Chlorination

The process of chlorination can have some severe effects on the skin. It can cause damage in the forms of skin rashes, irritation or allergies. In most of the typical cases, excessive chlorination can also cause the skin to darken significantly.

The enhanced and safer chlorination process of the Intex 28643EG ensures that your family is protected from the harmful effects mentioned above. Chlorination coupled with hydro aeration provides that the pool water is safe and clean for your family.

Includes Sediment Flush valve and Air Release Valve

The Intex 28643EG is meant to serve you for a long time. This aspect has been ensured by providing durable parts and subtle features, which make maintenance a breeze.

The sediment flush valve easily gets rid of the sediments collected during the aeration process. Similarly, the air release valve has been designed to get rid of any excess air stuck within the filter chamber, which otherwise could damage the filter pump in the more extended run.

This prospect ensures that the Intex 28643EG keeps running smoothly for a long time with very little and easy maintenance.

GFCI System

The GFCI system is an enhanced safety precaution, which is meant to break the circuit once it senses a potential overload automatically.

It protects the pump and its user from electrocution, which may arise due to voltage fluctuations. The pump automatically shuts down when the circuit is broken by the GFCI system, thus eliminating the possibility of electrocution and any other hazard.

The GFCI system is an excellent addition since it ensures that you, your family and the maintenance people remain safe when operating the pump.

It also enhances the longevity of the pump as it protects the same from possible voltage overload and fluctuations.


  • Easy installation and more natural assembly method.
  • Very low on recurrent expenses as other parts are provided.
  • The pump is elementary to maintain.
  • Can be used for all medium sized pools.
  • Comprehensive warranty of one year on the machine.
  • Integrated with GFCI system for greater safety.
  • Control Valve with six integrated functions.
  • Requires only 50 LBS of pool sand.
  • Adjustable chlorine measures for better filtration.
  • Integrated with a 24-hour timer.
  • Compact in design and easily portable.


  • The required pool and is not provided.
  • Lower Pump Flow Rate.
  • Six integrated functions take time to get used to.
  • Maximum pool capacity is low.

Final Thoughts

For the price, range, it is a brilliant sand filter pump. In addition to that, the sand filter pumps are better than cartridge pumps, which may lack in specific features.

The Intex 28643EG has been further integrated with outstanding features, like the GFCI system and the control valve functions, to ensure you a full safety and good hygienic conditions for your loved ones.

Owing to the low maintenance and higher durability of the Intex 28643EG, it is one of the best sand filter pumps available in the market.

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