Doheny Pool Pump Review: Buyer’s Ultimate Guide

Doheny's 1.5 HP Above Ground Pool Pump Review

You may think it is hard to find the perfect pump for your aboveground pool. After all, you can find several features and other attributes available for these devices. Thus, you may not be able to see the most appropriate one for your needs at first glance.

Amidst the many options present for above ground pool pumps, the Doheny’s Replacement Swimming Pool Pump is one of the best options available.

It has been equipped with some premium features, which make it highly usable and durable. Among the other options present in the same segment, the Doheny’s Replacement Swimming Pool Pump takes the lead over the others by its enhanced functionality, which might be right for your usage.

To give you a better idea, go through the Doheny’s 1.5 HP Review to learn more about its features in detail. Also, you will even compare the pros and cons for this pump in this review post.

Doheny's 1.5 HP Above Ground Pool Pump Review

High Flow Rate

The high flow rates in the Doheny’s pool pump ensure you quicker fill-ups for your above ground pool. Moreover, it has been presently rated at 83 gallons per minute, which adjusts to 4980 gallons per hour.

The Doheny’s Replacement Swimming Pool Pump is compatible with pools of depth up to 40 feet. This pump also accounts for one of the fastest flow rates in its segment.

Stainless Steel Motor Shaft

The Doheny’s Replacement Swimming Pool Pump comes with many stainless steel parts, which ensure that the entire structure is durable for a longer time.

The shaft of the Doheny’s Replacement Swimming Pool Pump, in particular, has been constructed using high-quality stainless steel material. This aspect makes it corrosion free and highly resistant to the elements of nature for you. This feature also increases the torque capability of the entire machine.

The fan is further protected using a weatherproof polymer with an integrated air inlet. This provision allows you to acquire efficient cooling for the entire pump and reduces chances of any overheating.

Quality Construction

The pump has been constructed out of “reinforced thermoplastic material.” This material increases the durability of the Doheny’s Replacement Swimming Pool Pump comprehensively and makes the unit resistant to corrosion.

The polymer is also durable enough to withstand and absorb the vibrations of the machine, which eventually makes it quiet. Owing to such high-quality construction, the Doheny’s Replacement Swimming Pool Pump can account for better durability and efficiency when compared to other more expensive models.

High Quality Manufacturing Standards

The Doheny’s Replacement Swimming Pool Pump is made to go through a series of quality tests before final retail.

This rigorous process ensures that only the best products are launched in the market for the consumers. Thus, it is guaranteed that you will have access to high-quality pumps for above ground pools

The quality testing procedures have been designed in such a manner so that the Doheny’s Replacement Swimming Pool Pump ensures proper usability, reliability, and ease of use.

The pump has also been integrated with 6 feet heavy duty cord, which is tangle’-free. It is also a highly advantageous piece owing to its high conductivity and high surface insulation.

This provision means that the final electrical bill you will have to pay for the unit will be on the lower side.

Easy to Maintain and Install

The assembly and installation of Doheny’s Replacement Swimming Pool Pump is a breeze. It is straightforward since the unit comes along in a pre-assembled manner.

All that you have to do is connect the pipe fittings and hoses, plug the pump into an electrical supply and make use of it.

Owing to use of high-quality stainless steel components and polymer materials, the Doheny’s Replacement Swimming Pool Pump is durable and long-lasting.

The parts are protected from the elements of wear and tear, which means that you will not have to invest in replacements for a very long time. The efficiency of the machine and its construction also ensures lower electricity bill generation.

Integrated Safety Features

The integrated voltage relay system is a huge bonus for people looking forward to safety. In cases of voltage spies, overloads and irregularity, the machine may become prone to short circuits.

This issue can further cause electrocution to the person operating the device. The integrated voltage relay system reads such abnormalities in the current flow and automatically scans the circuit in case of potential malfunctions.


  • The machine is available at a meager price.
  • Easy to maintain and low hassle of installation.
  • Ideal and safe for use in children’s pool.
  • Stainless steel construction for enhanced durability.
  • Deficient noise levels during activity.
  • Large and easy to clean filter basket.
  • Compact and small in dimensions for easier transfer.


  • Cannot be used for pools with non-metallic sides.
  • Cannot be used for in-ground pools.

Final Thoughts

The Doheny’s Replacement Swimming Pool Pump for Above Ground Pools is one of the best sellers in its segment due to its features and durability. As a replacement swimming pool pump, the model is capable of outperforming all of the rest.

The stainless steel construction coupled with the integrated safety feature ensures that the product is durable and can be used for a long time.

The unit is also available at a meager price, which makes it affordable and accessible in the pocket. The process of installation is also straightforward, which further ensures no hassle at all.

The motor is capable of generating high flow rate, which is sure to fit the requisites of your pools easily. If you are in need of a replacement pool pump, which will be reliable and equally efficient, then Doheny’s Replacement Swimming Pool Pump for Above Ground Pools is undoubtedly one of the best options available to you for now.

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