Harris H1572730 Review: Buyer’s Ultimate Guide

Harris H1572730 pool pump review

You cannot deny that selecting the right aboveground pool pump can be a hassle, as there are hundreds of models to choose from the list.

The features and the technical aspects of the high ground pool pumps tend to be extremely competitive. If you do not have prior knowledge about these pumps, then making the right decision can be a significant challenge.

That is where you can rely on this post to find the Harris H1572730 Pro-Force worth a read. You can finally be assured about the incredibly compelling features, which help in distinguishing the best from the rest.

The brand, in particular, is renowned for its quality, and the Harris H1572730 Pro-Force pump for above ground pools is indeed no exception.

This Harris H1572730 Pro-Force Review is designed to provide you an insight into the features, standard and quality of the Harris H1572730 Pro-Force pump for above ground pools.

Extremely easy to maintain

The Harris H1572730 Pro-Force pump for above ground pools is elementary to maintain. This feature is familiar with most of the pumps manufactured by the company.

The filter basket enables you to retain the unit pump easily. Moreover, it lets you hold a large quantity of debris, which means that you will have to clean it only after a very long time.

The transparent cover on the filter ensures you the collection of debris in the basket, which you can quickly clean when required. A drain plug has also been provided along with the unit, which adds to the convenience of maintenance.

The filter is also huge, which allows it to accumulate a lot of dirt before being cleaned. Thus, it can work efficiently for years without having to be cleaned at all.


The warranty has been a very concerning affair with most of the pumps designed for above ground pools. Mostly, the companies do not wish to take up the liabilities after selling the equipment.

However, the Harris H1572730 Pro-Force pump for above ground pools comes with a comprehensive warranty of one year on all parts. The company covers damage or faults incurred by the machine.

It will ensure assurance for pieces that are damaged not by your mistake. The company is also renowned for their relatively fast turnaround time.

Horsepower variations

The Harris H1572730 Pro-Force pump for above ground pools come in three varieties, 1 HP, 1.5 HP and ¾ HP. This feature provides you with an array of options regarding, which one you will need. If you demand more output power for a larger pool, the larger variants will come in handy.

The electricity consumption is also different with each of the variants with the lower variants accounting for use that is more moderate.

Therefore, you also get options that allow you to save on electricity costs. All the variants work equally well and are assured of premium quality parts.

Motor Efficiency

The motor is among the most crucial parts of any pump meant for above ground pools. An efficient engine will ensure that the pump stays active for a very long time, probably even decades.

The Harris H1572730 Pro-Force pump outsmarts the others in this respect. It is equipped with an efficient motor where the shaft is made of high-quality stainless steel.

This feature ensures that the motor can function seamlessly for a very long time. It also makes the motor shaft extremely strong and durable.

The construction of the essential parts has been done using thermoplastic, which is a corrosion resistant material. This prospect means that the entire pump will be able to function seamlessly for decades without any extensive maintenance or refurbishment.

Double Sized Seal

The Harris H1572730 Pro-Force pump comes with a double sized seal, which is meant to protect the pump from any form of extensive damage. This feature ensures that no water can seep into the pump and cause damage to the motor.

At the same time, the double seal is also heat resistant, which further enhances the durability of the pump. The features mentioned above ensure that you can use the pump without facing any problem from elements of the weather.

In more straightforward terms, the Harris H1572730 Pro-Force is an all-weather pump meant for use throughout the year. The construction of the pump also ensures minimal vibrations and low noise output.

Compact Design

Unlike the conventional pumps of the same segment, the Harris H1572730 Pro-Force pump is compact in design and thus can be carried very easily.

This feature means that you will not have to worry, in case, you are planning on relocating the pump or using it in any other pool.


  • Strong suction power.
  • Enhanced Filtration mechanism.
  • Available in three HP variants.
  • Easy to maintain and assemble.
  • A see-through coverlid on the filter.
  • Compact design for easier transfers.
  • Affordable pricing.
  • Minimal noise output.
  • Extensive warranty of one year on machine defects.
  • The motor shaft is built from high-quality stainless steel.
  • Unit body is also built using anti-corrosive thermoplastics.


  • There is no ``On/Off`` switch.
  • The motor power in the lower variant may lag at some points.
  • Lack of inbuilt voltage stabilization.

The Harris H1572730 Pro-Force is renowned as an above ground pool for its extensive capabilities and features. Mostly it is a feature packed pump, which is capable of generating quite a powerful punch.

If you are on the lookout for a pump, which will consist of premium quality parts and come with enhanced features, then the Harris H1572730 Pro-Force is undoubtedly among the best in the segment.

Particularly the stainless steel motor shaft and thermoplastic construction makes it highly durable and compact. “Harris” is renowned for the manufacture of pumps that are strong and durable, and the H1572730 Pro-Force is not an exception.

The pump is elementary to operate and needs very little maintenance for a long stretch of years. Given the affordable pricing tag, which it bears, it the best option that you can avail in the segment.

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