Hayward SP1593 Pool Pump Review: Buyer’s Ultimate Guide

hayward SP1593 power flo pool pump

People love enjoying in pools in hot summers. For the ones, who do not have time and money for an in-ground swimming pool construction, an aboveground pool does the job reasonably well.

However, enjoying comes at the cost of your time for maintenance of an aboveground swimming pool, for which you require a filter pump. With so many models available online and at retail stores, you can find it hard to choose the right one.

Not anymore, as the model discussed in this post may be the right one for your regular usage for cleaning an aboveground pool. Hayward’s SP1593 Powerflo is a decent pump system that religiously does the job.

Using this Hayward SP1593 PowerFlo Review, you can learn about the relevant features, pros, and cons related to this product. It will help you decide whether you can rely on it or not.

Provision of an overloaded tray

This feature enhances the protection of the machine and makes it more durable. During the phase of a potential overload, the system can sense the abnormal current flow.

It then shuts off the circuit and protects the system from any short circuit or electrocution. The thermal overload detector shuts off the channel in a matter of microseconds and thus prevents any form of extensive damage.

This feature is a very beneficial feature because it can help protect you and your family from any possibility of electrocution. It also helps to make the process of maintenance relatively safer.

Compact Design

The pump has been designed in such a way so that it appears to be minimalistic and equally compact. The compact design of the Hayward SP1593 PowerFlo allows it to be assembled very smoothly with minimum hassle.

The compact design also ensures that it can be easily carried from one place to another. The final weight of the Hayward SP1593 PowerFlo pump is merely 32 LBS (approx.).

Thus, if you are planning on relocating the pump or using it for another pool, you can do the shift manually without any hassle.

Variable horsepower

The Hayward SP1593 PowerFlo is available in three horsepower units. They are 0.75 HP, 1 HP, and 1.5 HP. Each of the variations has been designed similarly to provide for seamless performance.

The modifications provide you with a wide range of choices, which can be taken into consideration for variable pool sizes.

The power output of the larger variants tends to be more, while the power consumption for the same is equally on the higher side. Therefore, you can make the selection based on the power consumption and the amount of output you want.

Interchangeable Position

The 1.5 HP variant has a unique feature associated with it. The pump mentioned above can be positioned interchangeably. There are two types of orientation, the vertical direction, and the horizontal orientation. You can place the pump flow in the desired manner only with the push of a button.

Heat Resistant sealing

The Hayward SP1593 PowerFlo pump has been designed in an efficient manner using the heat-resistant sealing. This feature makes the entire unit energy efficient and long-lasting.

The double seal ensures that there is no leakage, which eventually protects the motor of the pump and allows it to function over a long time.

The back-mounted switch offers better safety measures during operation of the pump. The heat seal also ensures that the motor is protected from any form of perspiration in every weather condition.

This feature is one of the prime reasons as to why the pump can perform flawlessly for decades at a time.

Compact Design

The Hayward SP1593 PowerFlo pump for above ground pools has a comparatively larger profile than its counterparts do, but the ultimate design stays compact.

It makes the lines simpler and allows the pump to be envisioned as a space saver. It also makes the pump very easy to carry from one place to another in case you are planning to use it with another pool.

Durable and Corrosion-proof housing

The Hayward SP1593 PowerFlo pump for above ground pools has been built using a high-quality anti-corrosive polymer material, which makes the entire pump body extraordinarily durable and long lasting.

The corrosion-free housing effectively reduces the maintenance cost and effort to a significant level. The durable housing not only protects the motor from the elements of weather but at the same time, it also ensures that the engine stays functional throughout the year.

Provision of a C-clip connector

The arrangement of a C-Clip connector makes the entire process of assembly an absolute breeze. The suction intake and discharge connection fittings on the machine are exceptionally easy to use and account for minimum hassle.

The pump is also made available with a twist-lock cord, which makes it extremely easy regarding setup. There are no loose ends on the pump, which makes it easier to assemble than most of the others on the segment.


  • A large strainer basket collects more debris compared to other filters.
  • Maintenance is exceptionally low on the unit.
  • Horizontal and vertical discharge feature is present on the pump.
  • The intake and discharge pipe connections can be easily fitted.
  • The provision of C-Clip Connector allows for easy detachment of strainer
  • Heavy-duty, weather resistant, and high-performance motor
  • The automatic thermal overload protector keeps motor working for ages.
  • The Impeller is high performance capable and highly durable.
  • Durable, corrosion-proof housing for enhanced durability.
  • Heat-resistant, double-sized seal for complete waterproofing.
  • The pump is highly energy efficient.
  • The provision Integral drain plug allows easy winterization.
  • Extensive warranty of one year.


  • The flow rate isn't that high compared to counterparts
  • Available in only one color variant.
  • The dimensions of the pump are slightly higher.
  • Noise can be a bit on the higher scale.

You should understand that the Hayward SP1593 Powerflo Pump has been designed in multiple styles and power variations to suit your needs.

Thus, using it for your personal or commercial use is not a problem anymore as long as you utilize it exhaustively. Enjoying with family and friends has never been this easy, as now you have a brilliant device to keep your pool fun intact.

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