Intex 28603EG review: Buyer’s Ultimate Guide

intex 28603EG review

You may agree to the fact that in case of a small clear cartridge filter pump, the choices are very diverse. Making the right is subject to a series of factors. These fundamental differences will allow you to make the right decision for a clear cartridge filter pump curated for small above ground pools.

In the segment of clear cartridge filter pumps for small pools, the Intex 28603EG is among the best options available in the market. The compact design of the device coupled with an array of incredible features make it worth the money.

In this Intex 28603EG review for Above Ground Pools, you will come across the salient features, pros and the cons of the system, which makes it, stand out among the rest.

intex 28603eg

Compact Dimensions

The Intex 28603EG is renowned for their small dimension that means that you will not be having any difficulty in transporting or relocating the cartridge filter pump from one place to another. The proportion of the product is 9.88X10.62X14.12 inches.

These relatively smaller dimensions can be accredited to the fact that the pump is designed for smaller above ground pools.

Ideal for small above ground pools

The pump offers you filtration capabilities for above ground pools at a lower segment. Since the conventional filter pumps have a higher flow rate, which isn’t necessary, you are forced into paying more for something that they do not need.

The Intex 28603EG Filter Pump for Above Ground Pools helps to solve the problem since you get to have a dedicated pump for smaller above ground pools.

The system flow rate is 475 gallons per hour while the pump flow rate is around 530 gallons per hour. The flow rates are comparatively lower to the other higher segment models, but the fit is perfect for smaller pools.

Easy Installation and Easy Maintenance

If you are looking forward to buying a filter pump which will be compact, easy to maintain and easy to install, then the Intex 28603EG is the best option for you.

The maintenance of the pump calls in for the occasional swap of the Type “A” cartridge that can be done once every two weeks and a good rinse of the same. This pump is ideal for above ground pools, which are up to fifteen feet in diameter.

The inclusion of premium quality parts also ensures that you do not have to spend much on maintenance. The pump, in general, is long lasting and will serve you for years to come.

Double Insulated Pump with air release valve and sediment flush valve

The double insulation coating is an added benefit, which makes the Intex 28603EG more durable and long-lasting. In addition to that, the air release valve helps to get rid of the air, which is often trapped in the filter chamber.

The sediment flush valve at the bottom of the filter chamber, on the other hand, allows you to get rid of the sediments that are stored after the filtration process. It ensures that you do not get messy while cleaning the filter pump.

The inclusion of the sediment flush valve and the air release valve provides you with a filter pump having better longevity. In this way, you can save on recurrent maintenance costs as well.

GFCI System

Similar to the other filter pumps that Intex has manufactured, the Intex 28603EG is also integrated with the GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) system.

The Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter system also referred to as GFCI is an additional benefit, which ensures safety for the technicians and system installers.

In cases of system overload, the system shuts off the circuit to avoid an accident. It is an excellent feature because it will protect you, your public and the people working on the pump safety from possibilities of electrocution.

Improved Filtration Process

The improved chlorine filtration process induced by the hydro-aeration technology ensures your and your loved ones’ safety for from the harmful effects of chlorine induction on the skin.

In easier words, the detrimental effects of chlorination are sidelined by the advanced filtration process.


  • The filter pump is easy to use.
  • The installation process of the pump is relatively easy.
  • The pump calls in for low maintenance.
  • Double insulation layer on the pump has been integrated.
  • Air release valve has been integrated to get rid of trapped air.
  • Sediment Flush Valve at the bottom helps to get rid of sediments post-filtration.
  • Works with pool models ranging from 8 feet to 12 feet.
  • Enhanced GFCI system protects you and your family from electrocution.
  • Hydro Aeration Technology keeps water fresh and clean.
  • It is equipped with an initial filter.
  • Comprehensive on-site warranty of one year.


  • The system flow rate is relatively low.
  • The cartridge compatible with the pump is only Type ``A.``

Final Thoughts

If you have a small above ground pool with a maximum diameter of 15 feet, then this is the ideal pump that you can purchase. Its advanced filtration process coupled with small dimensions make it easy to use, effective and low on maintenance.

It is better to envision the Intex 28603EG as a compact and low-cost model for the simple above ground pools of smaller dimensions.

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