Intex 28635EG Review: Buyer’s Ultimate Guide

intex 28635EG review

You may agree to the fact that premier brands have a better approach towards the audience. That is why their machines are better than the others and tend to be more reliable.

The choices can get more robust if you do not possess any prior experience regarding the purchase of such machines.

The Intex 28635EG is among the best above ground cartridge filter pump for larger pools. It is equipped with some features which are sure to match your requirements, and you can use it for pool sizes ranging from 700 gallons to 9400 gallons.

This Intex 28635EG will enable you to decide whether it is meant for serving your purpose or not.

intex 28635eg

Medium Flow Rate

As a mid-size pump, the flow rate of the Intex 28635EG is quite good. It has a system flow rate of 1180 gallons per hour and a system flow rate of 1500 gallons per hour. This feature ensures you that you can fill the mid-sized outdoor above ground pool with clear water within a brief time.

The medium flow rate in the Intex 28635EG offers you a design that suits medium pools within the 9400 gallons volume.

Designed for Multiple Pool Models

One of the other most intimidating aspects of the Intex 28635EG is the impeccable design for an array of pool models. Specifically, they are the 16-inch and 18-inch frame pool models, 20 by 12 inches oval frame pool model and the 18-inch set pool model.

The volume of the pools where the pump can be utilized by you efficiently ranges between 700 gallons to 9400 gallons. It ensures you that the pump is compatible with all medium-sized above ground pools.

Easy Installation and Easy Maintenance

One of the critical features, which tend to decipher the Intex 28635EG from any other clear cartridge filter of the same segment, is its secure installation mechanism and low-cost maintenance.

For installation, you will need to attach the hoses and plug in the pump. Partial assembly in some instances might be required, but overall the installation process is a breeze.

The top-notch parts used for the device and the premium build quality ensure that the cost of maintenance is kept to a minimum. The Intex 28635EG is particularly suitable for long-term use because you are charged less for maintenance over the years.

Hydro Aeration Technology

The Hydro Aeration Technology is one of the significant features of the Intex 28635EG. This technology allows the pump to mix air with water, which induces the oxidation of iron and manganese within the pool water. This process is one of the reasons as to why the water is always crystal-clear.

In addition to that, the concentration of negative ions on the surface of the water is increased by the aeration technology. It further ensures you clean and environment-friendly water for the pool.

The Hydro Aeration Technology is a licensed trademark of the mother company and is patented as a filtration process.

Improved Circulation and Filtration process

During the filtration process, the fine particles present within the water clump together and settle at the bottom of the pool. The aeration technology thus helps to gather the fine particles easily to keep the pool and the water within clean.

The process also allows you to remove the sediments easily without having to face any hassle.

GFCI System

The Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter system also referred to as GFCI is an additional benefit that ensures safety for the technicians and system installers. In cases of system overload, the system shuts off the circuit to avoid an accident.

It is an excellent feature because it will protect you, your public and the people working on the pump safety from possibilities of electrocution.


  • Designed for a range of above ground pools.
  • Pump Flow Rate is generously high for mid-sized pools.
  • GFCI system helps protect you from potential overload and electrocution.
  • Easy Installation Process.
  • Easy to maintain and low-cost incurrence.
  • Hydro Aeration Technology provides clear water.
  • Presence of sediment flush valve for more natural cleaning.
  • Air Release Valve helps release air trapped within the filter.
  • One replaceable filter cartridge is included in the packaging.
  • One Hydro Aeration Technology inlet fitting is also included.
  • Compatible with Type A and Type C filter cartridges.
  • Comes with an on-site warranty of one year.


  • All of the other replacement parts need to be bought from outside.
  • Comparatively lower system flow rate.

Final Thoughts

Mostly, the Intex 28635EG is packed with an array of features that makes it an incredibly lucrative model. It is easy to maintain and can be installed without any hassle. The Hydro Aeration Technology is perhaps the most noticeable aspect of the filtration technology.

The presence of the filtration system mentioned above is a game changer in the segment. Despite the comparatively lower system flow rate, the aeration technology compensates and provides for an excellent filter pump. The Intex 28635EG is the ideal requisite for you if you want to save money and get the job done correctly.

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